If you had to describe what it’s like to drive a well maintained BMW, MINI Cooper, Porsche or Mercedes automobile you would be describing what we do. This is who we are – this is the team at the Black Forest Werkshop!

Black Forest Werkshop Lee Rector

Lee Rector opened the Black Forest Werkshop in 1985 as an independent BMW auto mechanic shop. Lee originally began working on BMW’s in 1980 for Terry Sayther*. Prior to that Lee worked on Caterpillar heavy construction equipment (1979-80). A very dangerous job which is what lead Lee to exit that “world”. Prior to Cat Lee worked at a “generic” automobile shop where the owner would take in any brand of automobile with any problems it had (1979). Trust me when we say not all bolts are “lefty loosey righty tighty”. Prior Lee almost starved to death trying to keep old school British cars running with mostly used parts (Lee hates used parts. This was 78-79). Had Lee purchased the 1965 Aston Martin he once worked on he could retire. Prior to this Lee paid his dues working at a VW dealership in the late 70’s (1977-78). This is where Lee learned the dealership structure swearing to never resort to the dealership money machine again. In the beginning (1976) Lee worked for Austin’s highly respected Kenny Hill VW. Lee is very proud to have been a part of the Austin history having worked for Kenny since very near Kenny’s opening in 1973. Aside from the 7 day a week paper route and cleaning rest rooms at the Horseshoe Lounge (early 70’s) you can toss in the job of making Hang Glider frames in Southern California. Lee can be found on youtube flying his hang glider off Little Black mountain (mid 77). What a gas, but that sweet Texas Sun called him home after a short stay living in his Chevy van (which he rebuilt prior to the trip out and back, and back out, and back again and back out one last time only to fly home and his friend drove that van back to Texas one more time. Lee will be eternally grateful to that friend for helping him open the Black Forest Werkshop.

Together we provide BMW, Mini Cooper, Porsche and Mercedes Benz independent quality service and repair plus offer dealership and aftermarket OEM parts. Often our parts sales come with knowledgeable tips.

Jonathan Villela – Bosch certified, Mini Master and devoted family man. Jonathan performed some of our very first Mercedes operations! While many like to think of a Porsche as a super complex and highly technical automobile, for Jonathan, a Porsche or  even a Mercedes is yet another automobile to maintain to his high standards.

Robin DuJardin – Bosch certified, BMW specialist, Mini alternate, an Xpert (4 wheel drive) and is able take on a Porsche with one hand tied behind his back. Robin’s experience on his dad’s ranch severed as a lesson in what hard werk is like.

Brandon Seals – Bosch certified and put’s the M in master having taken on some of the Black Forest biggest M jobs from engine replacements to major valve repairs. Brandon had also been found in the center of deadly equipment operating tug boats to cranes in his earlier years.

Chanel Rector - The daughter of Lee Rector's eldest brother, has taken on the roll of office manager. The timing of her arrival at the Black Forest in 2015 was perfect in keeping the Werkshop ticking like a well maintained clock. Her bright and cheerful smile will most often be the first to greet you as you arrive.

Chris Wofford - Service manager. After having taken a well deserved leave from the Black Forest after 10 years of diligent service is back once again in full force and with a high degree of appreciation for the opportunity to work with the high level of professionals whom rely on the Black Forest Werkshop's expert care.

Aside from this "in house" group we have people from around the world willing to not only help but pay to maintain a global system simply known as BIMRS. This non profit organization is designed for the benefit of information exchange so we as a member (Lee was the original V.P. when this group incorporated) can provide the most efficient and economical repairs possible saving our customers thousands of dollars throughout the years.

This is the logo of the international BMW and MINI Cooper technical group logo. It is a small blue glove with both longitude and lattitude lines highlighted with a glare on the top and lighter color gradient on the lower half with a dark blue tip on the very bottom. There is a banner across the mid point with three color hash bars blue white and red in color and the name bimrs on it.

BIMRS.org is an international group of dedicated technicians focused on ethics, training information exchange for the best possible repairs for the BMW and MINI Cooper repair industry dealership and independent alike.

The Bosch U.S. Car Service Logo

Bosch manufacturers many of the sophisticated components most European and many domestic and Asian automobiles use to operate. We are proud to have been selected as one of their first Certified premiere shops in Austin to support their components.

The blue square box with rounded corners and inside a white slanted hill as well as a white Volkswagen beetle on it is to the left with black upper case letters spelling Kenny Hill and the same font blue in color also in upper case spelling the word Autowerks carefully centered below equals the height of the box is the logo of Kenny Hill Autowerks.

The location of choice for Austin Texas VW drivers parts, service and repair.

A bold stroke red rectangular box with rounded corner slightly skewed and inside are bold red letters spelling W T I with a pixilated automobile and the words World Pac training institute centered below.

WTI is the training department of World Pac parts wholesale.

Terry Sayther posing with left hand holding a corded telephone to his left ear positioned with his right shoulder forward and right arm outstretched and hand on keypad calculating his estimate to repair another automobile.

Terry Sayther on the phone at work calculating estimates.

Last, We need to mention Rob Morrell with World Pac. World Pac is a leading OEM part supplier for the independent automotive industry and we are proud to have been with World Pac since their origination. Rob is the director of training for World Pac. Rob is responsible for the training of almost every independent shop in the U.S.A. as well as some additional countries making him a global phenomena. We attend every possible training camp World Pac provides for our continuing education. Rob hand selects from the industries finest instructors that keep this country rolling and off the side of the road (unless you see that perfect photo moment).

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